Welcome to Crochet for a Cause!

We are a Girl Scout Gold Award Project tackling the issues of plastic pollution and sleep deprivation in the homeless.


We are able to tackle both these issues by taking plastic grocery bags and crocheting them into durable and portable sleeping mats for the homeless.


Here is how you can get involved!


  1. Collect Plastic Bags! Instead of throwing away your grocery bags collect them and donate them to the project.
    • Creating 1 of these mats requires 500 plastic bags! So all bag donations are appreciated
  2. Spread the word about Crochet for a Cause: Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and on our page on Facebook. Share the project with your friends and family to help spread the word about these problems and offer a solution.
  3. Help to Create a Mat:
    • Collect and donate plastic bags
    • Attend one of our events to help create “Plarn” (plastic yarn) and learn more about these issues and simple ways you can help.
    • Help to transport the finished mats to homeless shelters in Atlanta